An Excerpt from “At Our Own Pace”

… I took his hand and kissed his ring, as did Peggy. I introduced myself, “I am Commissioner Robert Pettinato from Lackawanna County… We would like to present you with this gift. It is made of coal that came from the heart of our county, and it is presented to you from the hearts of all of its people.” … He said, “God bless all of the people from your county”… Then he asked Peggy and me if we were married. (Whew! He bailed me out there. Immediately after saying what I did, I realized, much to my regret, that in the excitement of the moment, I had forgotten to introduce Peggy!)

Giving Back

A portion of the proceeds of this book will benefit “Peggy’s Pathway,” a foundation dedicated to funding endometrial/uterine cancer research. Please help support this effort.

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